Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Life. Changes.

Hello wonderful followers! Thank you for reading and for your patience as this blogger was under the weather for a good bit. Feeling much better now though, thank goodness! There are other life developments as of lately, namely, we are moving! As I sit here taking a night off from packing, I can't wait to cook up some new blog posts from my new kitchen in a few weeks. We will be heading to a more centrally located little house right outside of Coral Gables with a big yard. The landlady renovated the kitchen entirely and tastefully might I add, and although my stove will not be the ideal gas, it is fairly new and I'll do my best with it! The kitchen also has a nice amount of cabinet space and a lazy Susan, which is great. I am planning on packing up my kitchen last, but will likely start taking appliances and less used items over soon to start setting things up. Maybe some little plants by the window will be nice too. My buffet cabinet will sit nicely in the dining room and hopefully will use it soon for some house warming entertaining. Stay tuned for pics of the place and new culinary inspiration! Cheers!!